Pregnant and uterine cancer

My name is Miriam and will tell my story. Believe that many can jump in the deepest darkness. There is a God who wants to listen to you and comfort you and help you and cure your illnesses.



I got married. 

We longed to have children together. Got many early miscarriages. Was so sad every time. We both prayed to God for a child. And one day I started to get small bleeding between my menstrual period. Became worried. We went to the gynecologist who did not find anything wrong, but he took a cell sample from the womb for safety. Were pregnant again and the pregnancy seemed to last and I felt good. We went on early ultrasound to see if everything was okay. We saw the little move and the heart that struck. We were overjoyed and would eventually become parents!


Test results

Were in Pregnancy Week 14. And suddenly we were called a doctor at the hospital and it was important that we both came there they said. The answer to the cell sample had arrived. I almost forgot it.

Me and my husband went to Salgrenska in Gothenburg. We were very nervous. Did badly speculate what things could be. As we sat in the little bright hospital room, I saw the doctor's serious min. "You have cancer," said the doctor. In the uterus and that the best thing is to remove the uterus and abort the child. You may not live more than one to five years if you keep your uterus. The doctor thought I would go home thinking about the matter how I wanted to do and let me know when he called me.

There was a great grief over me. Felt like I was going to faint. We were so happy and the baby in the stomach sounded good and the pregnancy finally lasted. And then I'll take away everything and never get pregnant again and lose this long awaited child. At the same time, I never thought. I know God can be whole people. He is the doctor in the Bible. And rather, I lose my life for the child to live.

Mos 15:26

For I am the Lord, your doctor.


Matthew 16:25

Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will win it.


I told the doctor that I wanted to keep everything. Then the doctor said; "Ok, but after you've given birth to the baby, we can take away the womb"

Then replied, "Yes, only if you can not see visible cancer otherwise."

The doctor kept in touch with me during pregnancy. He thought it was strange that the child was left. It is common with miscarriage when I have cancer in the uterus I was told. The doctors shook their heads and thought I was crazy who kept the womb. My husband was told by a doctor that "If it were my wife, I know what I should have done".

Then the doctor meant removing the uterus and abortion.

I enjoyed my pregnancy and thought I was helad. Many Christians prayed for us. Feeling so healthy and bleeding nothing during my entire pregnancy. Feel the child kicking. The midwife said I had a wild baby in my stomach.


2016-01-13 Caesarean section

The day came when I would make a planned cesarean section during pregnancy week 38. Should be awake during the cut. The cancer doctor was there. "Prepare for sowing. If I find cancer now, you're sick." Said the cancer doctor. It looked like he wanted to find cancer and prove I was wrong.

Feeling a shivering of discomfort. Felt so surely. I will not be forgiven, I would say but said nothing. They would make me feel like a deadly cancer patient. Then it felt.

After several failed attempts to put anesthesia into the spinal cord, they succeeded. They opened my stomach and out came a wonderful chubby fresh girl 47cm tall and weighed 3682g. She shouted our beloved little child, and my husband was taking pictures of her.

The cancer doctor disappeared quickly and did not return. They took the placenta and a bit of my uterus to see if they found cancer. He saw no visible cancer at least and my stomach was sewn together.

The nurse was surprised that I was up and went the same evening after the cut. Did so well. We went home after two days.

Got the test answer by phone. They found no cancer. But they want me to get there in four months and scrape the whole womb to analyze it and see if there's cancer there.

Went there for scraping. They did not manage to stumble me through backbreaking. Would have been stunned from the navel and down. They got my permission to drive without anesthesia. Would definitely not be put to death. That's what they do in common cases. I was relaxed anyway and they scratched. They called me the super woman who could endure it relaxed without anesthesia. One nurse almost wept. Me and my husband wanted more children in the future and I mention it to the gynecologist A question of scratching can hurt so I can not get pregnant ?. Received an answer "You should not even think of what you have cancer".

Was so sad. How can she pronounce herself and take my joy from me?

After that I went home.

After a few days, this gynecologist called "Found no cancer"


We were so lucky!

I was completely cancer free and God had healed me!


Isaiah 49:23

And you shall realize that I am the Lord and that those who hope for me do not come ashamed.



Last return visit!


Seated at cancer clinician Per Hellberg one last time. Did a gynecological examination and everything looked good. "You have no cancer said he". "There is no reason you come here, you are healthy.

Would hear the doctor's own words about Emperor's Day if he saw something suspicious when they opened the womb. He said, "No, no wonder everything looked normal, no cancer there.

After I finished my visit, I went out with a smile on my lips, God made me well!



Gods loveletter to you!